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Finn Noir

In the bleak north of the frozen Arctic, a small town slumbers in the endless winter. Two detectives, huddled against the darkness, drink bitter coffee and smoke another cigarette as they try to solve a mystery in the midst of the perpetual night. They don’t have a body, they don’t have clues, they don’t even have a crime yet, but in a community of paranoid suspicion, everyone is a suspect.

As the ice thaws and secrets emerge, a torrent of lies and deceit unravel, taking our intrepid sleuths on a blistering rampage through the criminal underworld of rural Finland. This is what they’ve trained for. Long nights of watching Borgen, The Bridge and Beck have not been spent in vain. Their minds are sharp, their bodies are strong. This is what they’ve been waiting for…

Fuck Scandi Noir. This is Finland. And shit’s about to get real. Or is it?


Heidi Niemi and Sinikka Kyllönen met at theatre school in Finland many moons ago. Since then they have undertaken many projects throughout Europe, but never together. For their first collaboration, they have been intensively mucking around and getting drunk in the sauna together, all in the service of art.

Heidi’s recent credits include her Arts Council Funded MacBetti (which opened at CPT in 2017), the critically acclaimed Kafka for Kids! and sell-out hit The Titanic Orchestra (both Pleasance, Edinburgh). Sinikka’s credits include award-winning Reykjavik with Shams Theatre and Spin Citywith Emergency Exit Arts.

5.3.2019 19:15 - 6.3.2019 20:30


Camden People's Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2PY

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