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High-level AI Seminar at the Embassy of Finland in London

Kuvassa Risto Siilasmaa, Suurlähettiläs Päivi Luostarinen ja Pekka Ala-PietiläThe Embassy of Finland in London organized a seminar on the future prospects and challenges of artificial intelligence on 30th October at the residence of Ambassador Päivi Luostarinen. More...

United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union

Kuva: Emma AlataloThe Embassy of Finland has followed closely the preparation of the UK's exit from the EU ever since the referendum took place in the end of June 2016. Negotiations on the terms of UK's departure and the future relationship between the EU and the UK are ongoing.  More...

Emilie Gardberg is the new director of the Finnish Institute in London

Kuva: Suomen Lontoon-instituuttiEmilie Gardberg has started her four-year term as the director of the Finnish Institute in London. Gardberg has a wide experience in leadership at the cultural sector. She is especially interested in social impact of the arts. At her previous jobs she explored arts from the perspective of equality, environment and peace work. More...

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