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Affidavit certificate and Certificate of Life

If a person living in the United Kingdom requires to prove officially that he/she is alive for the Finnish authorities e.g. estate inventory purposes, the Embassy can write a Certificate of Life (elossaolotodistus). Also Finnish Honorary Consuls and local Notary Publics can write Affidavit Certificates for the same purposes.

A personal visit with a reliable proof of identity (passport or identity card) and address (utility bill etc.) is required. Fees apply.

Change of name

A Finnish citizen who lives permanently in the United Kingdom should change their name by Deed Poll: Change your name by Deed Poll

If the name is changed due to a marriage or a divorce, then the name is changed at the same time when a person registers the marriage/divorce to Finland.

Registrations in the Population Register Centre 

Note! From 16 February 2019, based on new EU Regulation, certain public documents issued by the authorities of EU countries must be accepted in other EU countries without requiring a so-called apostille to be attached to the document. Read more: Acceptance procedure for public documents is simplified in EU countries. 

Driving licence

Driving licences are applied in the country of residence. In Britain the responsible authority is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Further information about the Finnish driving licence: Traficom

It is possible to order an official certificate of your driving licence details in Finnish, Swedish or English using Trafi's e-services.

Trafi - e-services

E-mail ajokorttiotetilaukset(a)

International Driving Permit is an official translation of your national driving licence. More information: Traficom: International driving licence and driving abroad. 

Identity card

As of 1 January 2017 a Finnish Identity Card enabling travelling can be applied from the Finnish Embassies that issue passports. Citizens carrying the identity card can travel within 28 European countries without a passport.

For more information visit Passport and Finnish Police websites.


To find Finnish lawyers you should visit The Finnish Bar Association.

Military service

Every male Finnish citizen aged between 18 until 30 is by law liable for military service. The civic duty defined in chapter 1 of the Conscription Act starts at the beginning of the year in which a young man reaches his 18th birthday and continues until the end of the year in which he turns 30. A conscript can ask for postponement because of e.g. studies.

A Finnish citizen living abroad (i.e. expatriate) will get a call-up letter for military service, in the same way as if he would be living in Finland. In the call-up letter there will be a place and time announced where the call-up will be organized. With the call-up letter there will be sent a questionnaire and a guide book (Conscript). The call-up letter can be sent only if the person in question has his address correct in the Finnish population register.

Expatriate Finnish men are also liable for military service. A person with dual or multiple citizenship may apply for exemption from Finnish military service in peacetime by submitting a free-form letter addressed to the Military Province Headquarters in the military province where the person’s municipality of residence is located. To the letter must be appended:

  • A copy of the person’s other passport authenticated by the Finnish Embassy
  • In addition, the letter must mention that the person in question lives permanently outside of Finland and that his actual ties concerning family, studies, livelihood or other personal affairs are not in Finland.

The conscript has no obligation to attend the call-up or the military service, if he also has the nationality of another state and his domicile has, for the last seven years, been somewhere else than Finland. Exemption does not have to be applied for separately, if this seven year requirement is fulfilled. An exempted conscript with dual or multiple nationalities can, however, be ordered to undertake military service, if he moves to Finland before the end of the year in which he turns 30.

A conscript (aged 18–30) with dual or multiple citizenship is required to keep their population register data up-to-date regarding his citizenships and domicile abroad. Expatriates must inform any changes of address to the register offices i.e. by using online service.

If the expatriate Finnish person has questions or problems, concerning the military service, they should contact the Military Regional Office of the area to which they are designated or the nearest Finnish Embassy. If the designated Regional Office is unknown, all the Regional Offices are able to forward to the correct office. Below is given the contact information for the Uusimaa Regional Office in Helsinki.

Further information about conscription, contact information for the Military Province Regional Office and forms can be found at the Finnish Defence Forces' homepage.

Uusimaa Regional Office
Tel: +358 (0)299 422 211 (Mon - Fri during office hours)
Tel (switchb.): +358 (0)299 800
Fax: +358 (0)299 422 291
POB. 22, 00201 HELSINKI
Street address: Pohjoiskaari 36, 00200 Helsinki (Lauttasaari)
Email: uudenmaanaluetoimisto(at)

Uusimaa Regional Office customer service is open:
Weekdays 9.00 - 15.00

Civil service:
Lapinjärvi Training Centre
Latokartanontie 79A
07810 Ingermaninkylä
tel. +358 295 0295 00 or +358 295 020 704
email: kirjaamo.siviilipalvelus(at) (Finnish / Swedish)


The Social Insurance Institution of Finland KELA:

KELA's Office for International Affairs
tel. +358 (0)20 434 2550

Information about employment pensions: Finnish Centre for Pensions


Import of pets to Finland: Finnish Food Safety Authority

Import of pets to Britain: Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Police clearance certificate

Employer or authorities may require you to provide a Police clearance or a check certificate for work purposes.

In Finland you will have to make a personal request to the Legal Register Centre and in the UK enquire it from your local police.

Legal Register Centre
Police Records

Travel Notification

You can use this service to file a travel notification if you are travelling to, moving to or already at a destination abroad, especially a risk-prone area. A travel notification includes personal data, contact info valid during the trip, and information about the trip, supplied to the Ministry for use in case of an emergency or a crisis situation.

Link to the service: Travel Notification


Information about importing weapons to Finland:
Finnish Customs 
Ministry of the Interior

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